Art Basel Miami 2016

This 30 foot high by 60 feet wide mural was my greatest challenge to date. The enormity of the undertaking is what I had been waiting for si

Portrait of an Artist - Fumeroism

This muralesque design is a cohesive interaction that collectively combines numerous images to create a conceptually surreal and unified the

Mr. Bean Goes on Canvas – Fumeroism Grafstract NYC

When I paint a mural, almost always, I do it without a preliminary drawing or any sketching prior to painting a wall and I work from reference 90% of the time. When I visited London in July of 2015 I painted 4 murals and the first one was a 15 foot portrait of Rowan Atkinson’s comical character, Mr. Bean. Hidden Streets of London facilitated the wall in Bethnal Green and less than 24 hours after I arrived I had primed the surface white and went straight on to the wall with photographic print in one hand and a spray can in the other. Eight hours later I had completed the Mr. Bean mural. Out of the four murals I painted in London Mr. Bean was my favorite and I knew that I would recreate this

Tropical Paradise in Bushwick – Fumero Street Art NYC

As the heatwave continued in August so did I with mural number four. This mural would be the biggest and final one of four large murals completed in three weeks. I have been wanting to paint a landscape for quite some time and this one could be considered an oxymoron because it is in total contrast to the grit of New York City. I thought the tropical paradise scene would be perfect for Brooklyn’s urban streets. The dimensions of the wall is similar to that of a billboard people would see with an exotic getaway advertisement. I want people to look at the mural and feel as though they were sitting on a beach and just for a few brief moments, escape to a far away place from the city hustle. My

Fumeroism Heatwave Hits Bleeker Street

Three days after I completed the second mural on Wilson Avenue I began the third one at 387 Bleeker Street also in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I thought it was time to illustrate people and chose a man and woman in a ‘heated exchange’. These two people are in each other’s faces aggressively expressing their emotions. The tension is strong here and this is not only due to the fury of their gestures but also reinforced because of their side profiles. People who walked by made comments about what they perceived was going on in the mural and when they asked what was it all about, I asked them what they thought was going on. I painted the faces simply because of the emotional rage but I left it up to the

The Bushwick Heatwave – Ism Cometh | Fumeroism Grafstract

The beginning of an August heatwave in NYC didn’t come only in the form of the 90+ degree weather. Bushwick, Brooklyn at 43 Wilson Avenue and a corner away on 67 Jerfferson Street saw Fumero turn up the heat with two new back-to-‘arching back’ murals go up in less than a week’s time. When no one was outside because of the hot, scorching sun and the streets were desolate of people, Fumero was blazing the walls with the colors of life. The first mural is of a female reclining figure, arching her back over the iron cage outside of D’Elia bodega. The second mural is a composition made of Mexican motifs at LA Burrito. These were the first two of four murals in the outdoor gallery of Bushwick. Mur

Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 3 – Hidden Streets of London

Murals number two and three were female reclining nudes I call anatomical grafstractions. The second mural was organized by and in the Dalston section of London. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day as I made my way across town from Green Lanes down to Abbott Street via my favorite choice of London’s public transportation, the red double decker bus. I got off my stop and went into a little diner spot to enjoy an English breakfast to fuel up for the work ahead. I call this 2nd mural ‘red figure’ because of her fiery red hair. The grafstraction she is reclining on is filled with yellow bubbles and free flowing organic shapes. My last mural, organized by Hiddenstreetsoflon

Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 2 – Meeting of Styles UK

Two days after I painted the Mr. Bean mural across town in Bethnal Green I participated in Meeting of Styles UK which is held in different countries around the world and was taking place during my trip while I was in London. This is a graffiti and street art event organized by Jim Vision who is a phenomenal local artist. The event was in Shoreditch near Brick Lane in what used to be, as the English refer to it, ‘a waste land’, their term for a vacant or abandoned lot. Once again the weather was cooperating with plenty of sun and soon after I arrived I was informed that there was some wall space for me to paint. I hadn’t brought any primer to buff the wall so I began outlining my reclining fe

Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 1 – London Graffiti UK

From the moment I landed at Heathrow airport an hour outside of London, England, I was on the go. London is a bustling big city and like any modern city mass transit is the way to get around. From the plane to the train, which is called the Tube or the Underground, it took me to my destination where I was staying in the north-eastern end of London near Manor House station. The wall for my first mural is across town in East London, Bethnal Green. It took about 30 minutes on the red, double decker bus which I enjoyed because it gave me my only opportunity to see London. Day two was the beginning of the mural madness and I left Manor House with wall priming paint, pole, roller and pan from Hom

The Queen of Queens - Welling Court 2015 - Fumeroism Street Art Queens

This was my 5th year painting and the 6th year for the Welling Court Mural Project. I returned to my favorite spot located at 30th & Main Avenue, at the end of Astoria Boulevard in Astoria, Queens. It’s always a pleasure painting at Welling and the good energy vibes are always in the air permeating throughout this awesome little neighborhood. The annual block party hosted by the residents living on Welling court, in conjunction with Ad-Hoc who facilitates the international mural project, open up the community for the public to enjoy. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, June 13th, the weather was sunny and hot, just right for painting murals. This year my theme is ‘the woman‘ and what better

Art in the Air 3 - Fumeroism Event - The 407 Bushwick

On June 6th, from 12-10pm The 407 Bushwick’s outdoor gallery rooftop had it’s third Art In The Air event with 10 street artists painting murals live as the underground house music was moving the jam packed crowd. AITA is a lovely marriage between sight and sound and the only underground visual and audio collaboration at this elevated art level in all of New York City. AITA3 artists were Arbiter, Bk Foxx. Bryan Leaf Stacy (NC), Fumero, Hektad, JPO, Rob Fogle (NC), See One, Smurfo, and Zukie. Eight artists from New York and two from Wilmington, North Carolina. The DJ line up included Chris Luzz, Intimate Project Music and Shadi of Twice As Proper. The weather broke once again and the sun shin

Yonkers Arts Weekend

This month I was commissioned by the city of Yonkers, NY to paint a huge mural on the side of the Harold Statesman Building at 1 Larkin Plaza. I, along with other artists, were invited to add to the beauty of the waterfront area along the Hudson River. The mural project was funded by Mayor Spano’s office and GroundWork Hudson Valley, a non for profit that offers public art programs to the youth of Yonkers and headed by Haifa Bint-Kadi. “Groundwork Hudson Valley is an environmental justice non-profit that works with communities to improve their physical and social environment. This is done by collaborating on projects, among them: turning dangerous vacant lots into community gardens, planting

The Musket Room Goes BIG

Early this month Fumero went back to The Musket Room at 275 Elizabeth Ave. in NoLita, north of Little Italy, a neighborhood in Manhattan near Soho. This is the 3rd year he was invited back by chef-owner, Matt Lambert, to create a new mural for 2015. Recently he was asked why he chose to do Biggie Smalls, his third mural rendition of his portrait. This was his answer: I have painted Biggie as a mural 3 different times and 3 different ways. He is a recurring subject matter for me. I think of him as the John Lennon of the 90’s. Both of them were assassinated still in the prime of their lives. As a member of The Beatles, Lennon was a musical pioneer and legend changing Rock music forever. In th

Walk Of Art Kids

On March 28, 2015, I had the pleasure to teach an art workshop with Walk of Art Kids for the South Bronx Youth Art program. The workshop was hosted by the artist, Bishop203 inside his Lowbrow Artique at 143 Central Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Jelani Buckner and Raki Barlow are the directors for WOA and are on a mission to make a difference in this world for many youngsters. “Walk Of Art Kids is missioned with introducing art education to children from financially challenged environments in Brooklyn, NY and the Greater New York City area. Initially, we are targeting children from across Brooklyn, but more specifically from the Bushwick, Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, Crown Heights, Brow

The Bushwick Collective 2014

I was happy to be back for the 3rd Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party. The work for my contribution to The Collective began days prior to the block party and this time I brought something a little different. The little girl is the daughter of a young mother and there is a deeper meaning behind the surface of the paint. The subject I chose represents the innocence of youth, which we lose as we grow older. My mother was like this baby’s mother, she was 17 and raising a child on her own. Although one can describe my mother’s family as low income and imperfect, they were rich with love and support for each other. Children need nuturing as it is a building block for security that gives t

Art Basel Miami 2014

It was my fifth consecutive year attending Art Basel in Wynwood, Miami and it did not disappoint. After our arrival, AOM and I met up with the artist Leaf from Wilmington, North Carolina and he and I began our first mural collaboration inside the alley on NW 5th Avenue between NW 25th and NW 26th Streets. I painted a portrait using a lot of black for the flesh tones, reminiscent of a mural I did in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in August, 2012. Leaf painted his ‘leafmech’ design which is his approach to grafstract expressionism. “Bio-mechanical art was invented by HR Geiger and perfected for tattooing by Guy Aitchison. The influence of this bio-mech style coupled with my own design spawned the

JMZ Walls - Brooklyn

J M Z Walls is a non for profit collective named after the elevated subway lines of the J, M and Z trains that run past these walls everyday. The curator is a long time resident of the neighborhood and a good-hearted, ‘down to earth’ guy. He is another outdoor gallery curator who wants to bring the culture of New York contemporary mural art to the public and brighten up Brooklyn with an art education. The outdoor art revolution is strong in Brooklyn with the Bushwick Collective curated by Joe Ficalora; Dodsworth Street Murals curated by Rocko; a short walk away from JMZ Walls, whose curator prefers to remain anonymous. On the other side of town, Pierre Francillon curates The Bakers Dozen M

From Bushwick to Bed-Stuy

DeKalb Avenue and Broadway is the Brooklyn borderline between Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy). The portrait of choice for this location is one of Brooklyn’s finest, playing the part of Mars Blackmon. Spike Lee is a die-hard NY Knicks fan and actually so was the Mars character. The NY Knicks reference within the mural can be seen with the use of orange and blue. The grafstract background designs are a moving (good) energy of colorful shapes, bubbly and playful. After Spike Lee’s success with his Nike/Air Jordan advertisements he wrote and directed his first feature length film, “She’s Got To Have It” 1986, and this is where the Brooklyn strong Mars character with a passion for spor

Brightening Up Dodworth Street Mural Brooklyn

Soon after I completed the mural for Errol’s Bakery in Flatbush, I began painting a large gate in Bushwick for Dodworth Street Mural. On the gate I painted a figure of a female wearing a white body suit. She is looking outward, beyond the viewer and she is happy. She hears a sound that over takes her and captures her attention. The sound is so pleasant and inspiring that she opens her arms and hands wide to embrace the moment. The larger portrait behind her is the source of the good energy that can be heard from long distances. The background grafstract are the colors of sound frequencies bouncing in the atmosphere. After the large Dodworth gate, I began a second painting, a new Biggie

Flatbush Murals at Errol’s

Last week I went deep into the bush, Flatbush, Brooklyn at the corner of Hawthorne Street and Flatbush Avenue to Errol’s Caribbean Bakery. This area has been a long time home to many families of Caribbean descent, primarily Jamaican and Errol’s has been a part of this community for 13 years. The wall is a part of The Bakers’ Dozen Mural Project content curators by Sagan-Francillion. The first mural is of a long time resident who has lived in Flatbush for over 40 years. The second is of an icon of Jamaica and beloved by the world, the immortal Bob Marley. The third is a female figure which is representative of the many lovely ladies who walked by while I was working. I would like to thank Pie

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