Black Tap Mideast: The Fumeroification of Two Nations

One of the two major highlights of 2018 was traveling to The Middle East to create interior murals for two different Black Tap restaurants in two different Gulf countries. I have never been further east of Turkey and that was a hop, skip and a jump from the Greek Isles on a boat. This time it was a twelve-hour, non-stop flight to Kuwait City with a final destination at 360 Mall. First on the list was the third Kuwait City Black Tap under construction inside the 360 Mall. It is called 360 Mall because it is basically one gigantic circle. This Black Tap is located on the mezzanine level close to the escalator inside the main entrance at Gate 1. Looking up from ground level, the lush green

Art Basel Miami 2018

2018 Art Basel Miami was my 9th consecutive year painting in Wynwood, Florida. It is always great to be back in sunshine state, especially when NY is cold. This year I painted a mural on the side of a warehouse at 101 NE 28th Street. I went with the boy and the girl holding hands from The Table Series Logo, but with a slight twist. I chose to make the boy taller than the girl and added wavy black outlines to the figures. Art is how one views and communicates with it and a couple who came strolling by stopped and had their friend take a photo of them in front of the mural. The girl said to the guy, "Hey lets hold hands like the man and woman are." I always appreciate how people communicate

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