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Art Basel Miami 2018

2018 Art Basel Miami was my 9th consecutive year painting in Wynwood, Florida. It is always great to be back in sunshine state, especially when NY is cold. This year I painted a mural on the side of a warehouse at 101 NE 28th Street. I went with the boy and the girl holding hands from The Table Series Logo, but with a slight twist. I chose to make the boy taller than the girl and added wavy black outlines to the figures. Art is how one views and communicates with it and a couple who came strolling by stopped and had their friend take a photo of them in front of the mural. The girl said to the guy, "Hey lets hold hands like the man and woman are." I always appreciate how people communicate with my art, yes there is the artist intent but there is also public perception, either way both are correct in my opinion. The mural can be clearly seen from the train tracks crossing over 27th Street as the two figures stand side by side facing the world together. During sundown as the colors of day fade into the grayness of dusk the mural's vivid brightness illuminates a yellow glow from the wall projecting a warm feeling of love, loyalty and togetherness.

Unlike all my other previous years I am working and either have no time or little time to enjoy the global event of Art Basel during Miami Art Week. This year was different because I was able to enjoy spending the day on the sand at South Beach and free time to explore Wynwood with friends and have some fun.

I was not the only artist who painted on the warehouse this year. Three other artists, Tek, Leaf and Baston from New York added their creativity as well under a 2011 Roa manatee mural. Actually, the spot where Baston's mural is, is where I painted The Grampa back in Basel 2010 by invitation of New York's pioneering early 90's street artist, Michael Defeo, aka, The Flower Guy. That was the first time I painted in my Grafstract style, aka Fumeroism in public. Tek from Projectivity based in Staten Island added a colorful bird, graffiti artist Leaf utilized a corner section of the wall to add his multiple leaf design and Baston created a tribalzed portrait. I also got in on a lil of that with some colors of life using orange and purple in between the two manatee fins. A M Art Stop was also in town for the event and we all had a great day painting and hanging out together on Art Basel Friday. Next year I plan to paint something even larger, almost as large as Nanny's Kitchen, 2016.

If you have not gone to Art Basel Miami yet and you love art and especially street art, well, let me just say, go! You will love the vibe, the shine and have a great time, it's a lot of fun and that's just walking around seeing all the murals not to mention all the events and shows that take place. Art Basel 2018 was another great December to remember.


Photo Credit to Jose Mora -

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