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Summer of '23

This was a ‘glartiating’ summer for fumeroizing NYC, gates and walls were on the Big Apple menu.

This murally active season started at Avalon Chemists and saw a tribute to parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day with a Fumeroism yellow Spiderman. Soon to follow was the Terminator at Clandestino Bar on East Canal/Ludlow St. Then came my 12th consecutive appearance at the annual Welling Court Mural Project NYC , Astoria, Queens. That design is a fragmented portrait of “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

Next up was a series of Manhattan roll-down gates and walls in Chelsea and Alphabet City. A deli wall on 26th/8th Ave was the Cyclops from X-Men which had a nostalgic feel to the portrait. Plado on E. 2nd between Avenues A & B got Darkseid, while the gate at Isabella on St. Marks Place between 1st Ave. and A received a Dr. Doom with a cape draped in the signature fumeroism yellow. That flourished into an invitation by the owner to paint the wall next to Isabella’s in between David’s Cafe where the tribute to the 5 decades of Hip Hop Culture Anniversary mural is.

The final superhero themed mural is at KLM Hardware on 25th between 7th & 6th Avenues. Some of these murals were sponsored by The Museum of Urban Arts.

This NYC summer saw my return in Freeman’s Alley, where the tribute to NYC graffiti bombing legend, Zexor, was fumeroized with the colors of life. It was a very busy and perfect summer for this wall warrior to come out and spray-aaay-aaaay!

What more is to come?,… I guess we’ll just wait and see, stay tuned.


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