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The BIG Backpack Bundle

This is the Notorious B I G Backpack Bundle. The backpack is an original canvas painting that will not be reproduced again. It was created specifically for the backpack. This functions as a backpack but it is more of a showcase piece uniquely and meticulously designed over many hours. This is an exclusive bundle set that is being offered at $412.00 and includes handling and shipping fees into this unique deal for the collector.

The merchandise/art with the purchase of the pack includes:

~~ "Not BIG Backpack" : 19" x 14" - canvas Original / One of a Kind - hand painted art with a paint brush and acrylic with a totally wrap around design. This is based off of my most iconic Biggie Smalls portrait that was featured and rated Complex Magazine's "Best Biggie Smalls Portraits".

~~ "Notorious B I G Towel" : 59" x 30" - This feels and looks more like a tapestry than it does a towel. The feel is super smooth and the colors are rich and vibrant. This functions as a towel for the beach, the park or outside concerts. It also functions as tapestry art that can be showcased inside the home on a wall. This is the popular "Notorious BIG" fumeroized with "Lyrical Smoke".

~~ "Notorious BIG with Golden Blunt Beer Can Glass": This beer glass had a one time only limited edition run (Fumeroism x Beer Canvas) in November, 2020. No more exists and this glass will never be reproduced again. It sold out in literally 30 seconds when it dropped online.

~~ "Notorious Biggie" : 12"x10" , Signed 1/1 original print. Hand-embellished, multi-colored Grafstract bubbles design in acrylic paint. One of kind art never to be reproduced again with a CA / certificate of authenticity.

~~ "Notorious Big (P I N)": 1" collectible enamel lapel pin. The package design is individually numbered. This is a limited edition that has not been released to the public and will not be reproduced again.

~~ "Notorious BIG Sticker" (3 pack) : Die cut sticker. This design has not been released to the public. Limited edition never to be reproduced again.

~~ "Notorious BIG with Lyrical Smoke Lighter": Limited to only 6 made and will not be reproduced again. This has not been released to the public.

~~ "Grafstract By Fumero Lapel Pin": 1.65" NYC Subway Design. This has not been released to the public. Limited edition pins.

~~ "9 Multi-Sticker Pack"includes various Table series Logo designs, Grampa designs, Grampa City (not released to the public) design, Grafstract By Fumero (NY subway design).


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