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Chameleon Coffee

Fumeroism has come to the West Village of Manhattan, NY. At the corner of Clarkson and Washington Street, there is a new mural depicting two regions of the world represented by two different types of 'down-to-Earth' people. The figures portrayed within the composition are based on real coffee bean growers. The woman is from Sumatra and the man wearing the hat lives in Columbia. The Chameleon brings commerce to various under-developed nations by educating the people about "resource responsibility" coffee bean growing and setting up farms for ethical sourcing. Being conscious about how Chameleon crafts its coffee is not where it ends with this company. Chameleon Coffee is committed to being responsible, not only for the protection of the planet, but also for the people who live in these natural environments they call home. Their philosophy is "people are the heart of Chameleon Cold Brew" and this coffee company values the farms' contributions to the overall sustainable process. I can appreciate Chameleon's commitment to not only their product's quality but to the people at the 'ground level' who are the root of a small company that is steadily progressing on making a global difference.

I was chosen to represent the people due to my notoriety for portraiture. The 22' x 14' mural that spans 18' above the sidewalk was first a colored illustration on paper, which I used as my reference for the execution of the mural. I had a blast painting the mural and meeting all kinds of different people that walked by to stop and watch as the colors of life were being sprayed onto the wall. My work is my passion and the thing Chameleon Coffee and I have in common is that we care about people, the environment and keep it organic. They have a "specialty" process and so do I; Grafstract By Fumero.

Thank you to Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee and everyone's dedicated involvement behind the scenes to make this amazing project come into fruition. *** Photo Credit: Shane Rawls ***


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