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Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 2 – Meeting of Styles UK

Two days after I painted the Mr. Bean mural across town in Bethnal Green I participated in Meeting of Styles UK which is held in different countries around the world and was taking place during my trip while I was in London. This is a graffiti and street art event organized by Jim Vision who is a phenomenal local artist. The event was in Shoreditch near Brick Lane in what used to be, as the English refer to it, ‘a waste land’, their term for a vacant or abandoned lot. Once again the weather was cooperating with plenty of sun and soon after I arrived I was informed that there was some wall space for me to paint. I hadn’t brought any primer to buff the wall so I began outlining my reclining female figure right over the preexisting mural a little after 7pm. I was working fast and just under two hours later I was done with my piece.

Right next to me was Ewelina Koszykowska, an American artist living in London who is an extremely talented oil painter. It was great working side by side with her as she not only sprayed her portrait but also applied the enamel paint with her fingers. Her rendering of a veiled female figure puts a new light on the term, ‘fine art on walls’. She also completed her mural pretty quickly, we had to, the light was fading into dusk.

It was a great experience to paint at Meeting of Styles. The paint was sponsored by the British aerosol company, Alfresh and each artist were given 10 different color cans of Loop spray paint of their choosing. I want to say thanks to Jim Vision and Matilda TD for hosting the event and letting me ‘get on’ to add a little bit of my ism, it was an unexpected treat to my fantastic London experience.

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