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Tropical Paradise in Bushwick – Fumero Street Art NYC

As the heatwave continued in August so did I with mural number four. This mural would be the biggest and final one of four large murals completed in three weeks. I have been wanting to paint a landscape for quite some time and this one could be considered an oxymoron because it is in total contrast to the grit of New York City. I thought the tropical paradise scene would be perfect for Brooklyn’s urban streets. The dimensions of the wall is similar to that of a billboard people would see with an exotic getaway advertisement. I want people to look at the mural and feel as though they were sitting on a beach and just for a few brief moments, escape to a far away place from the city hustle.

My philosophy is why should any wall be barren and unaesthetically pleasing when people can have beautiful art. Painting this tropical scene will be even more ironic in the heart of Bushwick during the cold winter months, especially with snow on the ground. I believe that murals are man made landscapes and in this case, literally.

This mural was not an easy one because of the oppressive heat. There was no shade from the sun beaming down onto the blacktop roof and going up and down the ladder many times for five days gave me quite a workout. None of that really mattered because I was doing what I love to do. I had friends come up to the roof and hangout which was pretty cool, it was like a little party. We joked about laying sand on the roof, and putting palm trees and plants around.

After I finished the mural I rolled the rooftop and completely covered it with Fumeroism, that was the icing on the ‘tropical’ cake. This was the grand slam mural for my fumeroizing run throughout Bushwick in August 2015.

The location is at the corner of Bushwick and Johnson Avenues, 236 Johnson Ave. I want to thank everyone who walked by and yelled up to me with positive feedback, to my friends for hanging out and to Zurburan1 for enduring the heat with me as he snapped awesome photos while I was working to create paradise.

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