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Fumeroism Heatwave Hits Bleeker Street

Three days after I completed the second mural on Wilson Avenue I began the third one at 387 Bleeker Street also in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I thought it was time to illustrate people and chose a man and woman in a ‘heated exchange’. These two people are in each other’s faces aggressively expressing their emotions. The tension is strong here and this is not only due to the fury of their gestures but also reinforced because of their side profiles.

People who walked by made comments about what they perceived was going on in the mural and when they asked what was it all about, I asked them what they thought was going on. I painted the faces simply because of the emotional rage but I left it up to the viewer to tell their own story, allowing their own imagination to communicate with what they see. Maybe it was a subconscious reaction to the oppressive heatwave that lead me into this direction of a theme. Next to the wall is the gate where I added a wheat paste and sticker art touch to it with my two iconic Fumeroism images of Grampa and the Table Series Logo. The caption reads, “My Grampa spoke Spanish, Italian, French and English with a perfect Brooklyn accent.”

The 4th mural would begin three days after this and it would become the grand slam of my Bushwick heatwaveism in August run. Paradise on a hot, black top roof is next.

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