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The Bushwick Heatwave – Ism Cometh | Fumeroism Grafstract

The beginning of an August heatwave in NYC didn’t come only in the form of the 90+ degree weather. Bushwick, Brooklyn at 43 Wilson Avenue and a corner away on 67 Jerfferson Street saw Fumero turn up the heat with two new back-to-‘arching back’ murals go up in less than a week’s time. When no one was outside because of the hot, scorching sun and the streets were desolate of people, Fumero was blazing the walls with the colors of life. The first mural is of a female reclining figure, arching her back over the iron cage outside of D’Elia bodega. The second mural is a composition made of Mexican motifs at LA Burrito.

These were the first two of four murals in the outdoor gallery of Bushwick. Mural number three is next, stay tuned..

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