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Statue of Tru York City

Black Tap at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

After a year and a half later, I returned to paint another mural at the Black Tap restaurant located across from the sports booking and next to the poker room on the Venetian hotel's casino floor. The last time I was here to paint four installation murals inside Black Tap, but this time the request was to bring my 'colors of life' to the exterior wall of the restaurant. As far as I am aware this is the first time a "street artist" has a hand painted mural on a casino floor of a Las Vegas hotel, especially a hotel on the classically elegant caliber of The Venetian is such a great and prestigious honor. The folks at the Venetian were great and I want to give a big thanks to Jeremy who built the enclosure I was working in during the morning hours from 2-10 AM (and it was all performed without coffee, just say'n). It was an interesting experience working inside of a 5' wide, 4' deep by 11' high PVC piped and plastic wrapped rectangular pod that was enveloped by a golden curtain, thus making it impossible to see the work in progress. Although I was in Vegas better known as Sin City with millions of tourists all around, it was a very secluded and quiet time creating the newest installation which I titled, " The Statue of Tru York City". This Fumeroized Lady Liberty is colored in the Grafstract. The figure is holding a 1980's boom box on her shoulders in place of the tablet and the torch is represented by the M I C. Back in the day New York was the place to be. It was a fantastic time back at BTLV and staying at the Venetian was nothing less than extraordinary. You know what they say, well I have my own take on it, what sprays in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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