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Welling Court Queens 2013

On June 15th, Welling Court Murals Project had its 4th annual block party celebrating the Welling Walls and the great energy of its residence. Ad Hoc brought together all the artists that participated with beautifying this small community in Astoria, Queens. The party was bigger than ever and the home cooked food that the residents made for all to enjoy was delicious and plentiful. The DJ was spinning the groovy urban sounds while the artists painted live.

I was honored to take part in my 3rd year as a participating artist. This year’s theme for my mural on Main Ave. and 30 Ave., I chose to paint an anatomical figure. This figure represents an African-American male, bending down toward a Table Series figure, depicted as an African-American woman. The male is a blue painted giant symbolizing water, one of the four elements of life. The female is graphic in appearance, where ‘less is more’ can be seen with the minimalism approach of her anatomical form. Her curvy shape, strong, pure and natural..she is Mother Earth. Our Earth is the rock and foundation of our existence and another part of the four elements. The female shows trust by willfully stepping into the protection of the colossus’ strong and powerful yet gentle hands. The Cyclopean male kneels down on the magenta lake, calm and serene, as she steps off of her green Earth and onto the water. The male and female figures in the background walk hand in hand, together, down the path of the future. They are taking with them the experiences they both shared as they themselves are the sunset as much as they are the sunrise. The creation of life is what these figures symbolize and the simple act of holding hands is powerful in its communication because the gesture signifies togetherness and unity between the two. The good-energy rays of the sun’s glow symbolizes honor, trust, respect and devotion and surrounds the couple’s aura. This is a metaphor for communication and the strong need for any couple to be able to communicate and understand each other. When all these necessary elements become a part of the human connection between ‘a couple’, then true love can blossom.

The party went well past the 8 p.m. end time and a lot of good salsa and latin music continued late into the beautiful night. Thank you Garisson and Alison Buxton of Ad Hoc (link) who brought a colorful world of public art to the people of this urban landscape. Special events and art advocates such as Welling Court Murals Project is what makes New York City that much more spectacular.

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