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Unseen Fumeroism

Recently I was asked by UnseenNYC, why is New York City #1 for displaying my art. A simple answer yes, but there is so much I love about this city.

NYC is where I was born, NYC is where I went to art school and NYC is the home base for clandestine after dark activities. The epicenter of the modern world is New York, it has a character all it’s own. Especially Lower Manhattan where neighborhoods still retain much of its original 19th century architecture, accompanied by narrow winding streets. Each neighborhood providing its own ideal locations, with walls displaying what I like to call a ‘Street Art Oasis’.

These are spots which add to the distinctive look, feel and energy that is ‘NYC’. Areas where the art saturated walls have layers upon layers of wheat pasted paper art that is constantly changing and evolving….pealing and decaying.

Walking around NYC one can suddenly find him or herself in front of a wall fertile with living art in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the hectic city. Onlookers can take a moment to stop and see a pleasant array of expression produced by a random collaboration of artists contributing to the movement of Street Artism. And this is not only relegated to wall shrines and NY artists. Many surfaces are possible shrines for urban expressionism and from artists all around the globe. NY is a global city, all roads once led to ancient Rome, but in the modern age they lead to New York. Where else would be a more suitable town to get down with getting-up?…New York City, my city.

You can read the full article here-> UnseenNYC and a special ‘thanks’ to Igor and the entire staff.

Photo by Gabi Porter for Metromix New York

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