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The Gate Mural

Roll gates have a long NYC tradition for being painted..bringing life to cold lifeless steel. So I was happy to continue with this tradition when Hans, the owner of Le Salon d’Art, wanted a mural for this Lower East Side block.

March 11th was a beautiful spring-like day, perfect for public street art. With the sun shining bright, I began the outline of my design. I had intended to leave the original abstract background that artist, Joseph Meloy, had painted before me. His textured design complimented my flat, opaque coloring and provided a nice contrast with his loosely applied strokes.

There was a point when I noticed that I was building an audience. At times, spectators stopped to enquire and chat about my artistic style. Normally I work in solitude, so seeing groups of tourists and residents watching, was something that I appreciated and fueled my fire to perform.

As nightfall approached, my six hours of creative labor came to a close. The seriously stern face I illustrated contrasting with the fun and happy colors, was complete. People have been curious as to why he is so angry. This has been a common reaction and my answer has been, “why do you think?” I have done plenty of happy faces, but what about the people who aren’t happy all the time?

The most common reaction has been the question, “why is he so angry?” As an artist, I like to create a piece that ignites curiosity. Maybe it is because people aren’t happy all the time, and I hope they turn their frowns upside down? I intended to reach out to those who were having a bad day, or going through a hard time..and maybe they will feel as if someone understands.

Of course my answer is always, “why do you think he is angry?”

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