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The Bushwick Collective 1 Year Anniversary

Today is the day, The Bushwick Collective celebrates its highly anticipated 1 year anniversary. Brooklyn and the world are coming in droves like pilgrims on a journey to a religious sight, but these travelers are zealots for street art murals. These is a lot going on over here, DJ spinning the beats, live music with multiple bands performing, prizes to be won and last but never least, the reason for this visual feast, the artists. This is a party but it is also an educational experience for the public.

Take a walk down Troutman Street, the heart of the collective and continue your stroll throughout the surrounding streets and you’ll feel yourself in a magical place, an amusement park of colorful murals. Each mural brings your mind up and down and all around and the will have your thoughts spinning with fascination, so come and see and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

11 am – 8 pm all day good-energy goodness, love and fresh from Brooklyn’s best.

Special shout out to Zimad and Sexer for creating the Bushwick Collective mural I was privileged to get a sneak peak of..and a big special thanks to Joe Ficalora for being a one man army and putting this special event together. Also see The Bushwick Collective: Inspirational

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