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The 407 Bushwick | Art in the Air

The turnout for Saturday’s ‘Art in the Air’ event was unbelievable with a packed house and perfect weather. The 407 Bushwick roof top opened up to the public at noon with Aphotic hosting the beginning of the spring season by celebrating the collaboration between art and music, sight and sound. The visuals, being elevated on the roof and the audio creations performed by Onda Skillet with his Aerotropic label along with Jay Hill.

New York City is steadily becoming known as the outdoor gallery city and a new collective of up and coming street artists brought their talents and created with the colors of life on cold, barren walls. Currently there are 14 murals surrounding the 407 rooftop and eight artists painted live including: AOM, CAM, Elle, Gumshoe, Iena Cruz, NS/CB, The Cupcake Guy, Whisbe, myself and JP O’Grodnick. Other artists featured on the roof who created murals prior to the opening are: Joe Meloy, Rachel Echanique, Rafal Pisarczyk and R. Henderson.

It was a year ago when I was called in to make a change on the roof of 407 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn. Bringing street art above ground level and the opportunity to share it with other NY artists was the vision I advocated and was whole heartedly embraced. Art brings people together and Art in the Air, Music Underground proved this to be true. It was an honor and a lot of fun to curate this one-of-a-kind Brooklyn rooftop.

Thank you artists for your contribution to the 407, to Aphotic for hosting and to the public for your continued support.

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