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Outdoor Gallery Book Launch

Friday night, February 22nd, at 17 Frost Gallery was the book launch for Yoav Litvin’s, sure to be a classic, Outdoor Gallery – New York City. It was a packed evening with the artists and their works, a video tribute by SinXero and Dega Films to honor the memory of our friend, Jef Campion and Royce Bannon keeping the good energy grooves moving with the night.

This is not your ordinary street art book. Yoav Litvin, who really has a love and passion for what New York City has been producing, took it to another level and made this book his art and created a masterpiece that will be available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim gift shops.

Outdoor Gallery – New York City documents the vibrant and diverse outdoor art of New York City, a global epicenter for street art and graffiti. The book features works created by 46 of the most prolific artists working on the streets of New York City. The beautifully photographed artworks are accompanied by illuminating interviews, consisting of the artists’ thoughts on New York, the current state of street art, the future of this dynamic medium, and their own work and processes. As outdoor art is ephemeral and constantly changing, it is necessarily current and relevant, Outdoor Gallery captures the zeitgeist of this dynamic countercultural art form in the context of the global movement.

Yoav Litvin is a photographer, writer, and well-published scientist living in New York City. In Outdoor Gallery – New York City, he applies his scientific rigor and methodology to form a unique, contemporary and unbiased survey of the art on the streets of New York City. Yoav Litvin contributes to popular blogs that cover New York City-based and global street culture. – From the Bronx Museum

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