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Fumeroism visits Sao Paulo (Part II)

It was late morning by the time we arrived at a local park for some quick painting. Prior to this, Goro, Zeh Palito and myself had already completed several murals (link to Sao Paulo Part I). After, we drove to Reif’s neighborhood where Zeh Palito and I collaborated on the back of Lucas Man’s truck. It was dusk by the time we finished, but Reif and Ficko wanted us to paint together and there was no way I would turn that down. Watching us work were a group of young kids. They were interested in where I was from and what I was doing in Guarulhos. For some reason, one boy did not believe that I came by plane from New York..until I spoke English. We finished out day 2 in the up to 5 murals; pretty cool.

The following day, Zeh Palito and I chilled at the Vila Madalena Hostel and the owner, Tulio gave us wall space to paint on. I was just winging it since I arrived only a few days prior, so I snapped a quick picture of him and made a sketch on paper to use as my reference. It felt good to be able to spend more than 2-3 hours on a ‘piece’,..more quality time. The preceding days we were painting at a fast pace, bing, bang, boom!..we out. The hostel was relaxing with a chill vibe and music was playing in the outdoor courtyard. I reflected upon what I had already accomplished and imagined what was to come after Sao Paulo. Tulio was happy with our murals and we were happy to leave our mark alongside other artists and visitors who embellished the walls before us, making the Vila very different from a common hostel.

Sao Paulo was the beginning of my artistic journey inside the beautiful country of Brazil and the beginning of the mural madness that was to follow. It was time to move on to the town of Limeria, the home of Zeh Palito, Tosko Medo and other talented artists. There, the golden rays of good fortune shined upon me and I found myself with the honor of painting a Brazilian icon. Suddenly Brazil is not just about walls anymore.

The story continues…

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