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Fumeroism Returns to Itri Italy

During the summer of 2013 I was invited by the city of Itri, in southern Italy near the coast of the Terranean Sea to create a mural on the 80 yard wall on Via Cescole (LINK to article from 2013 in Itri). I finished half of the wall and was asked to come back again this year and complete the last 40 yards.

The first half of the mural was about the glorious history of this ancient city, painting imagery of Rome, the medieval castle, La Madonna della Civita, la testa del cane, il serpente e Frà Diavolo. I started where I left off at the Table Series Logo and began to sketch flower designs that went for about 20 yards. I chose flowers because they represent the beauty I see here in Itri and throughout Italy. There are many colorful flowers growing wild and can be seen adorning the homes in Itri. The town also has a section of the wall dedicated to residents who have passed away, so the flowers surrounding this sign also paid homage to the dead.

The colors of flowers are also a symbolic metaphor for my colorful approach to my expressive visual art. The flowers are a personal message, how I believe the simple things in life are the best things in nature is full of good energy and a simple scent of a sweet smelling flower is a beautiful thing.

The next imagery that followed the “garden of good energy” are the figures. I painted the first two in the form of The Table Series Logo people, one sitting and the other in action, surrounded by grafstract designs of free flowing organic shapes. Finally, the last image I added into the mural is the laying figure full of bubbles. This figure represents the relaxed way of life here in Italy, especially after eating pranzo, which is lunch. On a hot, sunny day which is common during the summer months, it is customary to relax and take a nap after a heavy meal. I ended the mural with more grafstract expressionism designs consisting of colorful, irregular shapes of moving energy.

This second half of the mural took five days to complete so I had more time to explore. I was able to enjoy the beach at Sperlonga, see the Roman temple high above the coastal city of Terracina and the seaside villa and grotto constructed for the Roman emperor Tiberius in Sperlonga. I was even able to attend the huge festival in the nearby city of Fondi. For one night all the businesses stay open until midnight and all the lights are on throughout the historical center, hence the name La Notte Bianca, The White Night. It was a night for partying with many dj’s pumping club music onto the streets for the thousands of people in attendance. It was a very enjoyable night and a lot of fun.

It was great to go back to Itri. It is a town filled with people that are proud of their history, culture and tradition and I was proud to create this mural for them. I am so thankful for the support I received from the Comune (town hall) and the local businesses of Itri. Thank you to those friends who painted the wall white prior to my arrival so that I can begin the mural right away. Thank you to all the people who stopped by to visit and to Andrea, who lives across the street from the mural, for always providing me with food and drink. Thank you to Veronica and her family for being such beautiful people and always treating me as a member of their family. I will never forget my summers in Itri…a momentous time in my life.

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