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Fumeroism Mural 2nd Ave. and Houston St. at the F train stop

This has been an amazing summer for fumeroizing and the last week of August was the icing on the cake. I was invited by Steve Stoppert, who shares his A.M. Art Stop photos on Facebook. There he posts photos of street art, mainly around Manhattan. Steve is an avid lover of art and especially street art. I met him in September of 2013 while I was painting a gate in the LES. Since then we have become friends and he is the one who told me about the wall on 2nd Ave. and Houston St. at the F train stop. I finally made it there after a busy and productive season. It was a lot of fun and probably the most heavily trafficked wall I have a mural at. The day was sunny and hot and perfect for painting. Friends and supporters came by to hang out while I was painting and that is always a treat.

I really believe that art brings people together and I find it humbling that people are moved by what I do with my art. A few onlookers came up to me asking about how I place my colors and what brings me to do what I do. One person in particular who works for the MTA, stood there watching me at the top of the steps of the F stop while I was painting my signature and we had a great conversation. I always enjoy talking with the public, it is a part of the perks for painting public art. Galleries are great and as an artist it is important for an artist’s career, but not everyone walks into a gallery. However, everyone walks the streets, passing by and seeing the outdoor gallery art, everyday.

Thanks to Steve Stoppert for the invitation to paint at the crossroads of the East Village and The Lower East Side and for being a great supporter of Fumeroism and for NY street artists. This mural will be on exhibit for 3 months then it will recycle with another artist.

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