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Coming up - Art in the Air 2

Presented by: Fumeroism, Global Mixx Radio, Aphotic, and SinCésure

The time has arrived once again to celebrate art and music in a beautiful Bushwick setting! Last April we witnessed the beginning of a terrific marriage between the street art community and local underground dance music on top of a unique Brooklyn rooftop called #The407Bushwick. On July 26 the magic of sight and sound will be recaptured with even more artists and new music collaborations.


New murals began in June 2013 and continued until that following September by contributing artists Raquel Echanique, Joseph Meloy, Rafael Pisarczyk, R.Henderson, The Cupcake Guy and Fumero. In April 2014, for our first Art in the Air event we added more murals to the 407’s outdoor gallery with the work of NS/CB, Iena Cruz, ELLE, The Cupcake Guy, CAM, Whisbe, Gumshoe, AOM, JP O’ Grodnick and Fumero, who is the curator here at the 407. The artists featured for this summer’s main event are HONEXL – BEN ANGOTTI – SIENIDE – DAMIEN MITCHELL- KID LEW – BISHOP203 – ADAM DARE – SINNED – C SCOTESE – FUMERO –


Global Mixx Radio is teaming up with Aphotic to bring you a very special day time event broadcasting SinCésure Live from the artistic rooftop alongside some of the most talented street artists (in New York) painting live.

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