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Collab with Joseph Meloy

A Lower East Side store front opened up a new business recently calledDream Come True K9 and the owner, Blake Rodriguez, wanted to have street art adorn the three roll gates where a new sign replaced the decades old ‘VideoLand’ sign. Fellow artist, Joseph Meloy and I collaborated together where Meloy painted his grafstract designs as a background and I illustrated the dog imagery.

We began in late July and completed the gates in mid August. The work wasn’t able to finish quickly due to the summer’s busy time for fumeroizing, Art In The Air II and Itri, Italy events coincided with the gates commission. I finished my part of the 2 gates before I went over seas and the 3rd the gate was completed the day after I returned from painting in Italy. This is our first mural collaboration and we are happy that everyone is enjoying the work we created together for DCTK9 while brightening up the neighborhood.

You can see these gates at Dream Come True K9, 174 Attorney Street at the corner of Houston Street in Manhattan, NY.

Thanks to Blake for supporting local street artists and embracing the street art movement here in NY as an Outdoor gallery city where public art is advocated. When the community of local business owners and street artists work together it fosters an environment for public art education.

It was an honor and pleasure to work with Joseph Meloy on this triple gate mural project…thanks my friend, job well done.

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