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Brightening Up Dodworth Street Mural Brooklyn

Soon after I completed the mural for Errol’s Bakery in Flatbush, I began painting a large gate in Bushwick for Dodworth Street Mural.

On the gate I painted a figure of a female wearing a white body suit. She is looking outward, beyond the viewer and she is happy. She hears a sound that over takes her and captures her attention. The sound is so pleasant and inspiring that she opens her arms and hands wide to embrace the moment. The larger portrait behind her is the source of the good energy that can be heard from long distances. The background grafstract are the colors of sound frequencies bouncing in the atmosphere.

After the large Dodworth gate, I began a second painting, a new Biggie mural at the corner of Knickerbocker Ave. and Harman Street in Bushwick. I am honored to be the first artist to paint at another new NYC outdoor gallery location. On the day I finished my mural, See-One began to paint his, so grows yet another wall in Brooklyn. There are big plans for this intersection at four corners and it is all a part of brightening up Brooklyn.

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