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Art Basel Miami 2014

It was my fifth consecutive year attending Art Basel in Wynwood, Miami and it did not disappoint. After our arrival, AOM and I met up with the artist Leaf from Wilmington, North Carolina and he and I began our first mural collaboration inside the alley on NW 5th Avenue between NW 25th and NW 26th Streets. I painted a portrait using a lot of black for the flesh tones, reminiscent of a mural I did in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in August, 2012. Leaf painted his ‘leafmech’ design which is his approach to grafstract expressionism.

“Bio-mechanical art was invented by HR Geiger and perfected for tattooing by Guy Aitchison. The influence of this bio-mech style coupled with my own design spawned the grafstract art of leaf-mech.” — Leaf

The following day we created another collaboration mural with AOM. Both AOM and I painted portraits. I painted a version of Grampa and AOM illustrated Action Bronson, a New York rapper rhyming real underground hip hop, far different and much better than the commercial rap heard on the radio. Leaf cohesively brought the two portraits together with the addition of his background designs. I call this the red wall which is on NW 25th Street near the corner of NW 5th Avenue and right around the corner from the alley mural.

The 3rd mural I painted, at 300 NW 3rd Ave. between NW 2nd Avenue and NW 5th Avenue, is a standing female figure. She is painted in an even more grafstract stylization than my other portraits. I think of her as a neon sign, very Miami-esque.

The 4th mural is located at NW 29th Street near the intersection of N Miami Avenue. This blue figure is reclining on the edge of the bay. He is alone in a world of pure imagination, contemplating the environment that surrounds him. The sun is setting or it is rising because it is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.

Not only was I busy painting walls but I also was invited to participate in the Conception Art Fair. Conception is a gallery based out of Long Island City, Queens and the exhibition showcased NY artists. I had to create artwork for the opening on the next day so I had to hustle and grind that particular night. I created a new Notorious Big on 36″x48″ stretched canvas. This Notorious Big version seen at Govenors Ball, J Meisel building and Art Basel 2013 mural was not multi-colored but left black and white…this I never have done before.

I met new people who gave me a lot of love and I am always grateful for that. Thanks to those that follow Fumerosim and came by to say hello while I was painting. I had a blast painting especially with the talented Leaf and AOM. We had a lot of laughs and fun while working hard doing what we love to do.

Art Basel is a unique experience to be a part of. The energy there is great and the visuals are overwhelming because there is so much to see in Wynwood. If you have not made it to Art Basel Miami, add it to your bucket list, words can’t describe how amazing it really is.

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