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Art Basel Miami 2012: It was all a dream

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 was explosive! The energy, like Vegas and South Beach’s Ocean Ave. in Wynwood, was really exciting. The two previous years I spent my Saturday nights working, but this year I finished in time to enjoy the Wynwood wildness…and it was nothing less than epic.

On the first day, fellow artist, AOM and I drove to the Wynwood district from the airport for our aerosol colors needed for the ‘Artists 4 Israel‘ event at The Yard on 29th Street.

“Artists 4 Isreal uses the powerful and universal messages of art to educate, support and provide awareness about Israel”

The Yard, a 7,000 sq. ft. pop up gallery, and curated by Craig Dershowitz, was full of life and talented artists sharing their gifts, including some of my NYC colleagues, Army of One, ENX, See One, Danielle Mastrion and AOM. After 7 hours, my first portrait called “The Grandson” was completed. I chose this self portrait to coincide with the Grampa. Next to my 20′ wood panel wall where I was painting was Belin from Spain. His huge mural was the centerpiece of the outdoor show.

The following day I went back to the wall we called the ‘New York Wall’ on NW 22nd St. and NW 2 Ave. There Samuel Mark was back at it, creating his compostition of characters in homage to Keith Haring. Next to Sam was Rob Fogle who was painting a ‘Maidmer’ (a mermaid with the upper body of a fish and the lower body of a female). The face I painted interacted with Fogle’s piece. AOM painted a portrait of Macho Man Randy Savage and above him, Adam Dare’s iconic Bunny. Optimo Primo was next with his new Scarface Panda and ENX put her stenciled wolves on the gate. The energy we all created was exciting and dynamic.

I worked on that portrait for two days and on Saturday night, WORDS, my friend from NYC put me on his wall with another group of talented artists, including Shiro from Japan. I painted another portrait, this one without reference, just off the top of my head. This mural was on the exterior wall of the LMG Gallery pop up show on the corner of 24th and N. Miami Ave. As See One put it, “it is like painting outside on Broadway”. The pedestrian traffic and caravan of cars slowly moving by in the congestion, bumper to bumper. The sidewalks were full of people and the streets full of cars. Saturday night was definitely the apex of Art Basel Miami as the Wynwood district was invaded by the world.

(Artist Note: A big “Thank You” to Miami Street Art and Montana Cans for the sponsorship)

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