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A Glimpse of Poster Art

During my time at Art Basel Miami, we could not pass up the opportunity for some paste up poster art. We were on N.W. 2nd Ave., between 23rd and 24th streets and thanks to a fellow graffer who kindly shared his ladder, the perfect spot was found. This section, fondly called the Wynwood Art District, was filled with amazing talent. There were so many pieces of artwork, that it seemed to be more like dessert for the eyes, a colorful wonderland.

The Pieces

The tropical bay scene is comprised of hundreds of overlapping cut and pasted logos of various sizes on black paper. In the main cloud there are 40 logos alone. The black paper lends itself to the night scene and the larger logos act as higher terrain, or as hills. Although this is a two color paint scheme, the placement and overlapping of various size logos, add a sense of depth to the picture.

The table painting is a copy of the original acrylic, ‘Nanny’s Kitchen’. Here it is an oil pastel on paper. Oil pastels allow for more expressive application, the build-up of texture and faster productivity.

The ‘Grandpa’ is also an oil pastel on paper. A copy of the original in acrylic. The only thing that topped this day was a call from the ‘Flower Guy’ who paved a way for me to share the ‘Grandpa’ art piece in grand form as a 30′ mural (more on that in the next article).

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