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The Bushwick Collective 2014

I was happy to be back for the 3rd Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party. The work for my contribution to The Collective began days prior to the block party and this time I brought something a little different. The little girl is the daughter of a young mother and there is a deeper meaning behind the surface of the paint. The subject I chose represents the innocence of youth, which we lose as we grow older. My mother was like this baby’s mother, she was 17 and raising a child on her own. Although one can describe my mother’s family as low income and imperfect, they were rich with love and support for each other.

Children need nuturing as it is a building block for security that gives them confidence into adulthood.

I painted the pajamas yellow to connect with my Table Series Logo and how the family is the bread of life. The bread of life is love and love is gathered around the table…as I believe, the family that breaks bread together, stays together. The little girl is sitting on a grassy knoll but I changed the literal to the metaphorical with the camouflaged pattern grass. It is my subliminal homage that represents the memory of a good friend that passed away earlier this year, Jef Campion, a.k.a. Army of One. He used camo designs within his street art message, “Stop War”. He believed that children are the most negatively affected by the horrors of war which is created by the evil that men do. Artists are creators, we build and uplift the human spirit with the colors of life in a world torn apart by the thin battle line of love and hate.

It was a wonderful, sunny day for the event. Troutman Street was closed off and people filled the street to see all the artists paint, hear the bands play and check out the booth set up along the block. Thanks again to The Bushwick Collective for giving me the opportunity to paint once again in front of a supportive and beautiful audience.

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