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Going to the Hills

I have been working with Dutch Master's Cigars since 2015 and in November 2016 I Fumeroized their company logo of the four men from the 1661, Baroque Art painting titled Syndics of the Drapers Guild by Rembrandt. I added my personal Grafstraction to the image while maintaining it's original integrity, just with a more colorful twist as seen with my 36"x 48" acrylic painting on canvas.

Since then, my painting has been printed on t-shirts as promotional merchandise for expos, conventions and events like the Def Jam Records party held at an undisclosed location up in the Hollywood Hills on June 24, 2017. As you would imagine, the house where the event was held was nothing less than spectacular. It was very cool to meet actor and recording artist Tristen Mack Wilds and DJ E Sudd, who is 2 Chainz's DJ. The high quality printed t-shirts with my art looked fantastic and the event was a great experience, while working with Dutch Masters was an even greater one, making the art life a living dream.

While in Los Angeles, I did a little extra-curricular activities and 'got-up' on one of the last remaining collective wheat-paste walls in the city. I was in LA 9 years ago and remember there were more street art oasis spots like The Melrose Wall at 7575 Melrose Avenue at the American Vintage store. Just like in NY, less paper pasted art and more murals is the trend. I'll have to go back to LA and bring the Grafstract by Fumero with me when I do.

While I was in Southern California, I also had the chance to visit Venice Beach, Newport Beach and San Diego. I left some little treats for the streets there in the land of sun and relaxation, despite the crazy LA traffic.

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