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The Musket Room | Roll Gate

March 22nd I went back to my spot at The Musket Room, a New Zealand restaurant and bar at 265 Elizabeth Street near the corner of Houston Street.

It felt good to be back out there with my first mural of the spring, 2014 season and I took full advantage of the warm 63 degree weather. How could I not after being cooped up inside during the extremely long, cold and brutally snowy winter.

The original gate came down when it broke about a week ago. I was going to paint over it, but I was blessed with a fresh new gate which is like a bright white canvas. I painted about four hours during my first session and came back late Sunday morning and worked until I finished at 5 pm. Sunday was not nearly as as warm as the day prior, but not cold enough to stop production. The face is a Maori warrior. The Maori were an indigenous people that inhabited the island of New Zealand long before it became a colony of England.

It was nice to get the appreciation from the pedestrians strolling by and to meet the people who came out to see my process and inspired me with their positive support. It is always fun to paint in NoLITA (north of Little Italy), Manhattan…I enjoy its good energy.

This is the beginning of the spring offensive 2014 and the push to spread a whole new worldism..stay tuned and as always, carpe diem.

Thank you to The Musket Room and MM for your support

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