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Governor’s Ball Music Festival

Governor’s Ball NYC is a huge music festival that converted Randall’s Island into an open field for their 150k+ attendees to party for three days this past weekend. I was honored to be among the talented group of 17 NY artists selected to bring ‘sight’ with the ‘sound’ for the masses to enjoy.

My contributions to the event were three fumeroized wood panels ranging in size from 8’x8′ to 11’x8′ and were; The Army of One tribute, Notorious BIG and a Grampa/TSLogo wheat paste collage. I also collaborated with some of the other artists on three pyramids.

EVERYONE ONLY is the group that chose the artists and brought the New York street art theme to the festival. Among the 17 chosen were Adam Dare, Balu, CAM, Chris Stain, Don’t Fret, Gumshoe, Icy and Sot, Iena Cruz, J. Henderson, Joe Meloy, JP O’Grodnick, Juan Carlos Pinto, K Clarke Langlands, Kimyon333, Magda Love, Robots Will Kill/Veng, Rubin415 and Whisbe. All the artists brought their own personal styles to the show and was seen throughout the two fields and within the VIP tents.

I was amazed at all the hard work that was put into this event in the artists’ compound during the week, seeing the sponsors and specialists getting things ready, none more so than Everyone Only. It was such a colossal production and a successful one at that, to say the least.

The pilgrimage began on the 4 train to 125th Street in Harlem and I just followed the crowd over the JFK bridge as they walked over the East River and converged onto Randall’s Island. The performers can be heard from across the river in Manhattan as the massive speakers from the stage carried the music from one borough to the other.

A big ‘thanks’ to Governor’s Ball NYC and EVERYONE ONLY for inviting me to take part in such a prestigious event. It was a pleasure working with them and creating art for the people to enjoy along with the music.

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