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Fountain Art Fair 2014

This past Friday, March 7, was the opening of the annual Armory Shows in New York City. During the first weekend in March, this event takes place here in the Big Apple where many internationally galleries converge and convert warehouses, convention centers and the armories into gallery spaces for the thousands of people in attendance. The city was teaming with collectors, curators gallery representatives, artists and art enthusiasts..all making trips to see the different shows offered.

For 2014, Fumeroism had its own 24′ wide, 12′ high by 8′ deep booth at the Fountain Art Fair located at the 69th Armory. I don’t just go big with my murals and I certainly was not going to start going small for such an important event. With this size, I was able to show a full range of my subject matter including portraits, landscapes, nude figuratives, fantasy scenes and the Table Series paintings and Table Series Logos. I stacked the walls with paintings and filled the space like a true salon as the galleries once looked in 18th and 19th century Europe.

It was a great weekend meeting and talking with different people and showcasing different variations of my work. Usually people see the other side of my art, the street art and murals. When I create public art I am looked at as a particular type of artist, no longer a fine artist who paints with a brush. But don’t let the surface or medium fool you, I am a fine artist whether it is on canvas or

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