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Fountain Art Fair 2012

It’s back! The edgy and contemporary Fountain Art Fair opens tonight and going 3 days strong. With nearly 60 exhibitors, and a range of special events from performance art to live music, this 7th year is sure to be a great success.

“Fountain, brainchild of Lincoln Capla, David Kesting, and John Leo, held its inaugural New York exhibition in 2005 as an attempt to gain leverage for young, independent galleries with strong, aggressive campaigns. This first show featured a mere three Brooklyn-based galleries, and boasted a fresh DIY attitude that catered to a yet untouched niche of the art fair scene. As Fountain continues to expand, the fair maintains at its heart a raw, unfettered spirit that distinguishes it from other art fairs.”

While you are there, stop by booth C102 at Marianne Nems Gallery and you will see my latest piece, ‘Notorious B I G’.

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