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Flatbush Murals at Errol’s

Last week I went deep into the bush, Flatbush, Brooklyn at the corner of Hawthorne Street and Flatbush Avenue to Errol’s Caribbean Bakery. This area has been a long time home to many families of Caribbean descent, primarily Jamaican and Errol’s has been a part of this community for 13 years. The wall is a part of The Bakers’ Dozen Mural Project content curators by Sagan-Francillion.

The first mural is of a long time resident who has lived in Flatbush for over 40 years. The second is of an icon of Jamaica and beloved by the world, the immortal Bob Marley. The third is a female figure which is representative of the many lovely ladies who walked by while I was working.

I would like to thank Pierre Francillion for the invitation and to Errol’s for their kindness and support to paint the bakery. I cannot forget the residents of this very cool neighborhood for the love they showed me and my visual ism. It was another ‘fun day at the office’ working outside on the streets.

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