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Art Basel Miami 2017

This year at Art Basel, Fumero exhibited his visual ism, ‘The Grafstract’, at Spectrum Miami and painted a mural for Dutch Masters Cigars, "Visuals and Vibes" in collaboration with Craft Syndicate.

“Representing my own gallery space at a huge art expo like Spectrum was a very positive and rewarding experience. It was a lot of planning and preparation for my team and I. Throughout the five day art expo my gallery was well received by the many spectators who attended. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to so many people about the mechanics of Fumeroism and spreading the meaning of The Table Series Logo. I cannot forget my talented gallery neighbor, Mario Pena.”

Fumero also worked with Dutch Masters Cigars / Craft Syndicate for an event where a huge printed banner of the painting he created in 2016 for Dutch Masters was used as the backdrop behind the stage. The event had a gallery show curated by Kenny Burns and music performed by the NY legend, D Nice. Outside at the entrance is where Fumero recreated another grafstracted rendition of the DMC brand image which is actually a Baroque painting by Rembrandt titled, "Syndics of the Drapers Guild”. It is refreshing to see Dutch Masters' use of art history for their logo.

This was the 8th year for Fumero at Art Basel Miami and it was great for us to revisit the 30' x 65' mural, “Nanny's Kitchen" which is looking just as fresh as when he painted it a year ago in Wynwood. The mural is located at 101 NE 28th Street off of N Miami Avenue.

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