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Welcome to Fumeroism

The intent has always been to be direct with his approach to painting.  Fumeroism art is an extension of Fumero's character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox.  He is a product of the late 20th and early 21st century’s contemporary-urban-expressionist movement.  His personal road of artistic journey began with cartooning as a child, graffiti as a teenager, logo design in county college, and the art of the abstracted figure or caricature in art school.  These are influences which all meet at the crossroads of a harmonious interaction and unification among line, shape and color to form a unique path of artistic exploration.

Fumeroism Street Art


In 2006 Fumero creates a logo for the streets and began using urban spaces as a vehicle to introduce New York City and the world the message about the important roll the dinner table has with keeping a family together.  The family that eats together stays together. Coming from a graffiti background as  kid he was well aware what the term 'getting-up' meant and that is when he began to canvas the city with wheat paste and stickers. It was during Art Basel Miami - 2010 when Fumero first painted in his style known as Fumeroism and it was a large mural of his iconic Grampa image. A few months later in the spring of 2011 was the first time Fumero paints as a professional street artist in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Fumero has canvased the streets of NY for a decade and his work can be seen all over this outdoor gallery.  The Table Series Logo was inspired by a body of work in acrylic on canvas called The Table Series and The Grampa is the iconic symbol representing his anatomical grafstraction.   Fumero's ism is the Grafstract. 

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