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Fumeroism Solo Show - 17 Frost Gallery

On Saturday, August 13, 2011 was the opening of my solo show ‘In Your Face’ at 17 Frost Gallery. As an artist in the contemporary world, it was important for me to share more then my primary medium for this event. Working behind the scenes from the audio/visual to design and marketing, gave me the creative layers I was looking for. A multi-dimensional, collaborative effort produced a steady flow of public support, good energy and enjoyment and the feeling that ‘In Your Face’ was a great success.

The theater room at 17 Frost Gallery gave me the option to try my hand at video editing. The atmosphere was cool and the seating was comfortable. The three large screens played simultaneously and gave a glimpse of my recent works and a look into the history of ‘Fumeroism’.

The most famous of all my portraits is Grampa. The image is the iconic face of Fumeroism and represents my approach to illustration in paint, just as the Table Series Logo is the iconic symbol for my ‘table paintings’. Grampa hangs alone in his own isolated area of wall space, deep within the gallery, but can be clearly seen as the 36″ x 52″ Grampa faces the entrance, BOOM! your face.

The portraits that were the focus of IYF, of course were the icons. People who, in their own way have contributed to or have influenced society, along with some friendly faces that I’ve met along the way.

Anyone who notices one particular painting titled, ‘Portrait of an Artist’, can clearly see a departure from my past and present, and know what is in store for my next big solo project…a glimpse of the subject matter for 2012.

It would not be the same without some of the master works. From my golden era, “The TableSeries” paintings consist of over a decade of work. Just across the room is the Table Series Logo wall. This is more free flowing, giving a sense of movement as the stamped logos communicate a family tree.

Having the opening reception and solo show at 17 Frost Gallery (click for site) has been a great experience. Everyone who collectively joined in to make this non-for-profit space function are dedicated to supporting artists and bringing culture to Williamsburg. As a professional, with my intensity and vision, they were accommodating and instrumental in the success of the opening. The compliments kept coming and were pleasing to the ears.

What was also pleasing to the ears were the sounds of the DJ, Onda Skillet. He rocked it way beyond 2 am and kept the after-party moving until nearly daybreak.

I would like to thank all who helped and contributed to the success of the opening…large or small, it was all important and I am grateful. All the people at Frost; Pat; our bartender Ana Toledo, who looked and did a fabulous job; Randy of Rebelution; Army of Me for manning the long hours at merchandising; Vinnie for manning the doors; Vic for the delicious wine and to all my new and old friends, for representing and helping to make my special night a perfect one. You are all good-NRG’ans and I thank you for your support.

A big thank you to Shaun and the people behind our sponsorship of the tasty FUZE Beverage (Fuze on Facebook)..It IS better when you mix it up!

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