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From Bushwick to Bed-Stuy

DeKalb Avenue and Broadway is the Brooklyn borderline between Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy). The portrait of choice for this location is one of Brooklyn’s finest, playing the part of Mars Blackmon. Spike Lee is a die-hard NY Knicks fan and actually so was the Mars character. The NY Knicks reference within the mural can be seen with the use of orange and blue. The grafstract background designs are a moving (good) energy of colorful shapes, bubbly and playful.

After Spike Lee’s success with his Nike/Air Jordan advertisements he wrote and directed his first feature length film, “She’s Got To Have It” 1986, and this is where the Brooklyn strong Mars character with a passion for sports seeks to gain the full attention of the woman of his desire.

The next movie Spike made was “Do The Right Thing” 1989, which can be considered an American classic and should have won an Oscar. Spike’s character is Mookie and like Mars they are both independent thinkers and from Brooklyn. Love and hate among all the diverse ethnicities is the message of this film as it demonstrates that the notion of “an eye for an eye” will only leave us all blind.

This mural is one street away from Dodworth Street where I painted the gate recently. Thanks again to Dodworth Street Mural curated by Rocko for the pleasure to fumeroize the colors of life on cold and barren walls. Thanks to the people for their positivity toward brightening up Brooklyn with fumeroism.

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