Welling Walls Queens 2012

Bid farewell to Einstein (2011 article). This year for the 3rd annual ‘Welling Court Public Mural Project’ is a scene I call ‘The Art of Rebelution’. This scene, created on a 15’x15′ space was inspired by a mix of Mexican revolutionary art and a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The landscape on that 6 hr. drive resonated with me. However, in this scene I painted an army of creators armed with Fumeroism’s weapons of mass creation.

Have you seen the Welling Court murals? Organized by Ad Hoc Art (<–click on link to read more) and coincided with Welling Court’s annual block party, there were nearly 80 artists…a diverse collective of creators literally changing the landscape into a world of pure imagination.

A big ‘thank you’ to Ad Hoc Art, their invitation, vision and determination; to the residents who filled the air with the sweet smell of BBQ; and to the spinners of sound (including my friend Onda Skillet)…it was a beautiful day with over 9 hours of awesome energy.

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